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Meal plans simplify the planning process, providing you with easy, balanced meals for the week. 

When it comes to making lifestyle changes, getting your subconscious mind on board is essential, but so is taking tangible and aligned action that supports your health and wellness goals.

Each week, you’ll receive a meal plan in your email inbox, including meals and snacks for each day and an automated grocery list for the week.

Living Plate meal plans are created by a team of Registered Dietitians and focus on anti-inflammatory and balanced meals that naturally help you improve chronic stress and anxiety by stabilizing blood sugar levels, balancing hormones, managing your weight and decreasing inflammation.

These plans emphasize real, whole foods with easy to follow recipes that support you in achieving health and wellness on every level.

All links below will give you the option of a 3 Day Free Trial, no commitment. Plans start at just $9/month.

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Functional Nutrition Meal Plan

The Functional Nutrition Meal Plan is grounded in the principles of integrative and functional nutrition. Functional nutrition emphasizes the importance of high quality foods and phytonutrient diversity to address underlying imbalances and move you toward the highest expression of health. 
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Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan

The anti-inflammatory meal plan aims to stabilize blood sugar, manage a healthy weight, normalize hormones, and reduce inflammation associated with many chronic diseases.

Choose from the 3 day or 5 day meal plan options below.

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Plant-Based Meal Plan

Plant-based recipes, perfect for anyone on looking to optimize their nutrition following a plant-based or vegan eating pattern. 

Choose from the 3 day or 5 day meal plan options below.

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PCOS Meal Plan

Designed for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It contains low-glycemic recipes aimed at stabilizing blood sugar, lowering insulin levels, maintaining healthy weight, normalizing hormones, and reducing inflammation often associated with this condition.
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Sun Basket Meal Plan

This plan integrates with Sun Basket to provide you with a sustainable, healthy eating solution. Each week, your meal plan offerings will feature three Sun Basket dinner recipes; simply follow the link on your dinner card for that day. These Registered Dietitian-approved recipes will arrive straight to your door as a meal kit, featuring fresh, pre-measured ingredients including organic produce and nourishing whole foods, with easy-to-follow recipes—no grocery shopping required. 

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