What is Integrative Nutrition?

Integrative nutrition takes into account that food is more than just physical nutrition, and that it impacts mental, emotional and spiritual health. The focus is on identifying the root cause and imbalances while utilizing a holistic and personalized approach to health and healing. 

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy, put very simply, is meditation with a goal. Hypnotherapy utilizes the relaxed and focused state of hypnosis (a natural state we’re in and out of all day) to access and align the subconscious mind with the conscious mind’s goals.

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective and it has been found that 6 sessions of hypnotherapy result in 93% improvement, compared with Psychotherapy where 600 sessions result in 38% improvement.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis in that all transformation you experience is a result of your own inner work and the power always lies within you.

What is PSYCH-K®?

PSYCH-K® is a form of energy psychology and is a simple and effective way to change subconscious beliefs that perpetuate old thought patterns, habits and behaviors that you would like to change. It is often characterized as a spiritual process with psychological benefits.

PSYCH-K® is the preferred subconscious change modality of cell biologist Bruce Lipton, PhD, the author of Biology of Belief.


It's time to get your mind, body and soul into alignment so you can embody abundant health, happiness and success and live the life you're meant to live

Subconscious Alignment Coaching Packages

These packages are designed to help you overcome subconscious blocks that may be preventing you from living your healthiest and happiest life, aligned with your highest potential and purpose.

These are for you if you have tried making changes unsuccessfully in the past and are stuck in the same loop of negative thought and behavioral patterns keeping you unhealthy, unhappy or stuck. Sessions may be used for hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K® or a combination of both.

Package of 3 Sessions includes:

  • (1) 90 minute session which includes learning self-hypnosis
  • (2) 50 minute follow-up sessions
Package of 6 Sessions includes:
  • (1) 90 minute session which includes learning self-hypnosis
  • (5) 50 minute follow-up session


If you would like to work with me more comprehensively and add nutrition and lifestyle counseling onto your package, have any questions or are unsure where to start, click below to schedule your complimentary 30 minute discovery call.

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