Hi there! I'm Brett and I'm not your average Registered Dietitian. 

I utilize an integrative and holistic approach to help you overcome chronic stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs and patterns holding you back by aligning your subconscious mind, body and soul.

My Philosphy

I believe in the healing power of real, whole foods and that food can be medicine. However, health and wellness is about more than food and nutrition alone. Health and wellness is a lifestyle, and even more importantly, a mindset. 

While food and nutrition are incredibly important, through both personal and professional experience, I have learned that in order to overcome chronic stress, anxiety and negative thought and behavioral patterns it is necessary to address the root cause on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and that food and lifestyle choices are more often than not a symptom of what is going on under the surface.

Lifestyle choices and using food as medicine can and should be utilized to help improve chronic stress and anxiety by healing the gut-brain axis, balancing hormones, repleting nutrient deficiencies and reducing chronic inflammation. However, food as medicine and lifestyle alone may not be successful for a couple of reasons. 

The first reason is if your subconscious mind is not on board with making lifestyle choices that support overall health in the long-term, it will be difficult to sustain making these choices, and could even be an added pressure which may actually increase anxiety for some. The second reason is that even if you are able to sustain these changes and address the physical causes, you still likely have deep-seated limiting beliefs and unprocessed emotions that are keeping you chronically stressed, anxious, unhappy and stuck.

The quality of your life, your lifestyle choices and your mindset are based upon your individual belief system and beliefs are what determine your reality. Beliefs create thoughts, which create feelings, which drive choices and behaviors.

The truth is, 90-95% of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are held in the subconscious mind and were primarily formed between the ages of 0-7 years old. So in reality, the majority of your belief systems were formed before you had conscious awareness yet are dictating your choices and how you show up in the world. 

What is important to understand is that it is nearly impossible to make a subconscious change through conscious action.

This is why when people decide they’d like to change their habits, live a healthier lifestyle or to be happier and “think positive”, they often wind up failing because their subconscious mind is not on board. Long-term success is not based on willpower, it is based on whether or not your subconscious mind is supporting you.

The subconscious mind is designed to keep you safe and will always resist change and continue to run the same programs which drive the same responses and behaviors again and again, even if it’s not what you consciously wantuntil you access and change it directly.

Through utilizing tools that communicate directly with the subconscious mind, such as Hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K®, you can align your subconscious with your conscious mind’s goals, allowing you to successfully create desired changes in your life. These tools also allow you to get to the root of underlying limiting beliefs and unprocessed emotions keeping chronic stress, anxiety and negative thought and behavioral patterns in place.

Combining Integrative Nutrition with subconscious change work is extremely powerful as the mind and body are interconnected and the health of one impacts the other. Through getting your subconscious mind into alignment with living a healthy lifestyle and removing the most common sources of inflammation, limiting beliefs and patterns that negatively impact the health of your body and your mind, you can take back control and begin to consciously create your life.

Through addressing the root cause of imbalances on every level and ensuring your subconscious is in alignment and supporting you, it is possible to successfully overcome chronic stress, anxiety, and limiting beliefs and patterns holding you back and transform your health and your life from the inside out.

My goal is to empower you with knowledge, tools and natural solutions so you can release what is no longer serving you and live an aligned life filled with abundant health, joy, passion and purpose.

Professional Bio

Brett Sorel, MS, RDN, LDN graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Florida and at the top of her class with a Master’s Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from Florida International University.

As a Registered Dietitian, she utilizes an integrative and root cause approach, specializing in overcoming chronic stress and anxiety naturally. She also focuses on balancing mood and hormones, women’s health, chronic and autoimmune conditions, food sensitivities and allergies, sustainable weight loss and prenatal and postpartum nutrition.

She is a PSYCH-K® Facilitator and is finishing up her hypnotherapy certification, training directly under celebrity hypnotherapist, Grace Smith with Grace Space Hypnotherapy School, one of the most comprehensive hypnotherapy programs available.